With the perfect blend of sun, sea, and sand, it’s hardly surprising that Spain drew in 31.1 million tourists in 2021 alone. This southern paradise in Europe is not only beautiful, but others a versatile range of options for holidaymakers wanting to get out and try something new when heading away for a long weekend. But where is best to visit?

You’ve probably heard of a myriad of Spanish cities, all with their own merits and attractions. And while in reality they all have a unique charm to offer, some manage to encompass every aspect which Spain has become associated with over the years.

In this short guide, we’ll look at three of the best cities to visit the next time you fancy a trip to Spain. Your next holiday planning session starts here.


Sometimes mistaken for the capital of Spain (it’s actually Madrid), Barcelona has garnered global recognition for its beautiful beaches, lavish culinary options, and historical monuments. The latter of which stretch back to medieval times.

Arguably the most famous landmark in this picturesque Catalan city is the Sagrada Familia. This giant church is spectacular both inside and out. But, it is probably best known for the amount of time the construction project has taken.

Despite work on the building beginning back in 1882, construction is amazingly still yet to be finished. And while a completion date of 2026 seemed set to bring the 144-year wait to an end, COVID-19 has scuppered that plan.


For those looking for the perfect city along the Costa del Sol, Malaga stands out as a prime spot. Home to a handful of the 100 beaches found along the coastline, this city provides the perfect blend of historic culture and contemporary amenities.

Malaga’s coastal location makes trips to neighboring islands, including Gibraltar, simple. However, if you fancy sticking to Malaga for your entire weekend, think about catching a Flamenco show, sailing in a catamaran, or checking out the Picasso museum.


Valencia is often cited as one of the best cities in Spain for tourists. The city can accommodate visitors of all types with cycling, culinary, and historical tours.

If you’re craving the authentic taste of Valencia, consider checking out some wine and tapas bars in the old town. While tourists still flock here, you’ll also find various locals going about their everyday lives. Old Town is particularly lively on weekends when the city’s people let their hair down.

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Three of the best cities in Spain for a weekend break

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