When it comes to cruising, Indonesia is one of the best countries for people looking forward to some adventure in nature. Around 17,000 islands await you in this incredible country with breathtaking wildlife and natural beauty.

An Indonesia cruise can be the best decision for many reasons. These include (but are not limited to) beautiful islands of every shape and size. Finding the perfect cruise itinerary can be tricky, as there are many options available. This is why we are helping you narrow down the list of islands to visit. To help you choose the best holiday floating through Indonesia’s seas, look at the options at Aqua Expeditions.

Below are some of Indonesia’s hidden gems you must add to your itinerary to ensure a memorable trip!

Bukit Lawang

Located in North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang is considered the stepping stone to Gunung Leuser National Park. This is one of the few places on earth that is home to wild orangutans. In the thick forest, you’ll also find Thomas Leaf monkeys, gibbons, elephants, tigers, and rhinos. As a disclaimer, the chances of seeing the latter two are slim. But Gunung Leuser National Park is still an absolute treasure for wildlife lovers. 

You may need a local guide for orangutan spotting. Some choose to hike to an orangutan-spotting location. You can turn that into a multi-day camping trek as well. But we always recommend looking at the reviews of the different tour guides before selecting the best one for you.

Weh Island

Another hidden gem in Indonesia is Weh Island, which is an hour ferry ride from Aceh. It is also known as Pulau Sabang and is the northernmost city in Sumatra. If we look at a map, it seems like the Island is escaping Indonesia towards the Andaman Sea.

Being one of the most unique islands in Indonesia, Weh Island offers excellent diving spots to adventure lovers. One of these diving spots is Batee Tokong, located directly in front of Steffen Sea Sports Bay.

The catch here is that you would have to stay at Pulau Weh for at least a week to explore it thoroughly. It offers visitors small cafes and affordable resorts with bungalows facing the picturesque Rubiah Island. For complete relaxation, you can rent an entire bungalow.


This tiny village is a four-hour drive from the city of Medan. Tangkahan is located at the river’s end and borders Gunung Leuser Nation Park. Gunung Leuser is home to orangutans, elephants, tigers, hornbills, and many other rare species.

There are designated waterfalls and hot springs to soak in, along with several caves to explore. Tangkahan is also an ideal place for cruising Indonesia by riverboat. And on foot, there’s jungle to trek through. Then, at the end of the day, when you are tired, you can just lie back in your hammock and listen to the peaceful jungle sounds.

The accommodations are both comfy and affordable. And the locals will make your day with their consistently warm smiles and memorable greetings.

The Green Canyon

Located in West Java, the Green Canyon is where the emerald-Green River flows through the middle of vines and moss-covered cliffs. Along with this immense beauty, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind body rafting experience. 

You might be wondering, what is body rafting? Take out the boat part, and you’ve got yourself body rafting! But don’t worry if you are not into such extreme adventures, as you also have the option to view the complete canyon by boat. 

The main attraction at Green Canyon is the opportunity to float effortlessly down the river. You can also plunge off the cliffs into the water or slide down on a waterfall. The best news is that you’ll only come across a few other tourists when you are there.

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