A 2023 holiday shopping guide for the travelers in your life

It’s ONCE AGAIN that time of year when you have to think about what to get your friends, family, and loved ones. In many ways, travelers can be the easiest people to shop for. Even if you don’t see your traveling friends during the rest of the year, chances are, thanks to Instagram, Facebook, etc., you know where they’ve been. Or maybe you are a traveler yourself?

Either way, here is a simple 2023 holiday shopping guide for the travelers in your life.

A Dollar Flight Club Subscription

On average, Dollar Flight Club subscribers save more than $500 per international flight. The keys are time and destination flexibility. If you have those, then a Dollar Flight Club subscription is a small investment. You can easily save more on one flight than the cost of an annual subscription. Sign up, select your departure airport or region, and you’ll get notifications when flight prices from your preferred airport(s) dip between 60-90% below the standard fares. Deal alerts are delivered daily, sometimes hourly, via SMS/email for premium members. The premium plus tier includes first and business-class flights. Free trials are available for both tiers. 

Here is a list of other discounts and perks for premium members.

A League of Kitchens Gift Card

The League of Kitchens is an immersive culinary experience which connects curious foodies with immigrant cooks from around the world. Argentine, Bengali, Lebanese, Nepalese, and Uzbek (to name a handful) immigrants invite guests into their homes for intimate cooking workshops. Some even take you shopping with them beforehand.  And they’ve recently started offering online classes. They start at $60 per device, plus the cost of groceries. Before you sign up, you can check out the list of items you’ll need. Gift cards are available for the exact amount of an online, taste of, or immersive class. 

For other in-home dining experiences, check out Bonappetour.

iLive 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

The iLive 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand can charge a smart watch, earbuds, and iPhone or Android devices simultaneously. What makes this an ideal gift for the travelers in your life is the fact that it folds up to the size of a smart phone, making easy to take on the road. 

Plaine Products

Refill, reuse, and rejoice with these toxin-free hair, body, and face care products, which come in reusable aluminum bottles. In 2020 alone, Plaine Products reduced the use of plastic bottles by 200,000. You can take their travel-size soaps, moisturizers, toners, and beauty oils in your carry-on. And they won’t take up much space in your check bag either.  When the bottles are empty, you simply send them back and get new ones in the mail.

They are currently offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Subscribers get 10% off.

The Spigen Slim Armor Pro Max Phone Case

More than 2/3 of the world’s population now has a mobile device of some sort. And chances are that Spigen makes something to make your device either safer or more useful than it already is. Their Slim Armor Wallets hold up to two credit cards. They also sell a variety of chargers, as well as tablet, watch, and speaker accessories. Perfect for any holiday shopping list for travelers. 

For a complete list of their mobile accessories, check out their Amazon store. eGift cards are available via their website.

Travel Banter Conversation Starter Cards

Putting a bunch of travelers in a room can often produce mixed results, especially when it comes to conversations. Thanks to these conversation starter cards, you can have 98 different exciting discussions about topics like embarrassing language failures and the craziest street food you ever tried. Each card has a question on one side and a travel photo on the other. Some questions are quirky, while others are more thought-provoking, but they remain light-hearted throughout the set. The photos and questions were submitted by the #CultureTrav community, which has a Twitter chat every Thursday.

You can purchase via their website with PayPal.

Xplorer Maps

With hundreds of tote bags, blankets, maps, puzzles and kitchenware showcasing dozens of worldwide destinations and national parks, there’s NO WAY you won’t be able to find something for the traveler in your life on Xplorer Maps. Coasters, maps, and blankets are a great personal gift idea if you want to commemorate that Chicago trip where you first trip their deep-dish pizza. Or perhaps the traveler in your life just loves to eat along the 7 train in Queens. And gifts like reusable water bottles and map tote bags can go with you or the traveler in your life anywhere around the world. 

They are currently offering 15% when you sign up for their email list. You can purchase all Xplorer Maps items on Amazon as well. 

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A 2023 Holiday Shopping Guide for the Travelers in Your Life

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