Mother’s Day 2021

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here’s a list of sweet jams, vegan chocolates, crunchy toffee, chewy caramels, craft syrups, and more. While you’ll find some Mother’s Day specials in this list, most of these sweet delicacies are good for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion.

Southern Caramel

What started out as a side hustle for lifelong Central Floridian, Sarah Smith has grown into a full-time business, where she and her father/business partner ship bite-sized caramels to all 50 states. Everyone from Cuisine Noir to Forbes has praised Southern Caramel’s perfect combination of three simple ingredients: sugar, cream, and butter. Their flavors change with the seasons, but they usually have at least six different options at their online store. They also have a small storefront in Melbourne, Florida, where you can sample all their current flavors.

Crofter’s Organic Premium Spreads

Crofter’s Organic has been selling its non-GMO, allergen-free spreads since 1989. They currently have more than a dozen different options at their online store. From Camarosa Strawberries to antioxidant-rice Morello Cherries, Crofter’s uses only the finest ingredients (and 33% less sugar than typical jams and preserves). The Just Fruit options have no added cane sugar. 

Amelia Toffee

All of their toffees are coated with decadent dark chocolate. Whether your try the key lime, sea salt, coffee, bourbon, orange bliss, or pumpkin, the dark chocolate layer will be a slightly bitter contrast to the sweet, rich, buttery toffee core.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, they’ve also started using their toffee kitchen to make reusable lemon alcohol wipes.

Sweet Vegan Chocolates

From luscious lemon to energizing espresso, Sweet Vegan offers a plethora of flavors, many of which are seasonal. They manage to capture the same amazing taste as dairy-based chocolate without sacrificing any flavor. Sweet Vegan offers a pre-packaged box, as well as the opportunity to create your own. If you want to keep up with their seasonal flavors,  subscription boxes are a great idea.

LlamaLand Superfruit Spreads

Peruvian superfruits are known to be some of the most vitamin-dense in the world. LlamaLand uses superfruits, such as lucuma and camu camu, in their spreads. The Amazon-grown camu camu can have up to 60 times the amount of Vitamin C that is in a typical orange. Mom will never look at her pancakes and waffles the same after trying them with LlamaLand spreads!

Verve Culture Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Cinnamon and other spices make Mexican hot chocolate stand out from the rest. It has a bit of kick to it. And in Mexico, hot chocolate and churros are considered to be an essential local experience.

Thanks to Verve Culture, you don’t have to leave your house to have an authentic Mexican hot chocolate experience. Their Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set includes five chocolate bars (straight from Oaxaca), a clay hot chocolate jug, and a traditional molinillo whisk (for mixing).

Maple Craft Syrup 

With more than ten different flavors, the possibilities with Maple Craft Syrup are seemingly endless. You can use it to sweeten your coffee or tea. It’s an ideal dessert topping and an excellent addition to your smoothie. Mix it with your Greek yogurt to sweeten it up a bit, or go the more traditional route and smother your waffles or pancakes with any of the flavors. Here is a list of recipes from their website. Maple Craft syrups have 33% less sucrose than sugar. 

RED Chocolate

RED tastes nearly identical to “regular” chocolate but has half the calories, with 1/3 less fat. All bars are keto-friendly, with no added sugars.

You can purchase on Amazon.

Simple Goodness Sisters Syrups

These cocktails syrups are the product of two sisters from the Pacific Northwest with a love for mixing cocktails while singing along with Dolly Parton songs. Most flavors are berry-infused, but rhubarb vanilla and lemon herb are also popular. While the syrups are meant for mixing cocktails, you can also drizzle them on cake or add them to plain seltzer water for your own craft soda. They also go well with ice cream.

Soom Premium Silan Date Syrup

Give your maple syrup and honey a rest, and try some Silan date syrup. It has a syrup-like consistency yet lacks the extreme sweetness of maple syrup or honey. Silan uses only dates from the Arava Desert and Jordan Valley, resulting in a deep flavor. Mom can pour some on her pancakes or use it to top off her grilled veggies. You can also make her a nice Mother’s Day smoothie or cocktail with Silan Date Syrup.

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