BonAppetour connects foodies and travelers with local home chefs around the world. Their mission is to make home-dining an integral part of every travel experience. From a paella making workshop on a terrace in Barcelona, to an exquisite Italian feast with a ‘nonna’ in Rome and a traditional tea ceremony experience in Tokyo, you can choose from a range of unique dining experiences hosted by their carefully selected host community.

The BonAppetour team is continuously working to expand into new countries, cities, and towns to share the exquisite food prepared by warm hosts with the rest of the BonAppetour community.

Meghan Miller

Meghan Miller is a high school English teacher by day and BonAppetour host by night. Three of her biggest passions are people, cooking, and eating. After a long day of teaching, she relieves her stress in the kitchen with flavors, spices, and textures as her medium. To Meghan, there is no other basic human ritual as beautiful as a meal, and to her, food was meant to be shared.

She and her husband (Chris) live in a small apartment in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Baltimore. They backpacked through Thailand together and have brought their love of Thai flavors home; they enjoy taking advantage of the plethora of Asian stores within an hour drive of their Columbia apartment. Thus, the ingredients they serve are the same ones that Thai people in Maryland are using!

Som Tum (ส้มตำมะละกอ – papaya salad)

For those unfamiliar with Southeast Asian cooking, the word papaya may conjure up images of the vibrant sweet fruit that really does taste great, but is less filling. Although sweet papaya is plentiful (and affordable) throughout Thailand, som tum uses the more sour (green) papaya. The dish is slightly spicy, but not filling.

Pad Ka-Prao (ผัดกะเพรา)

This simple yet flavorful dish causes much debate among Thai food purists. Some insist that pad ka prao is not pad ka prao without holy basil. Meghan used shrimp, a fried egg, holy basil and serves it over jasmine rice.

Penang Curry (ปีนังแกง)

Penang curry is creamy, slightly sweet, and spicy. Often made with chicken and vegetables, it can also be made vegetarian.  Meghan serves it with jasmine rice (fragrant white rice), which can help temper the spice for those who prefer a more mild taste.

Guloy Bwod Chee (กล้วยหอมในกะทิ)

This simple dish of bananas in coconut milk is popular in Thailand as well as all of its neighbors. It’s creamy, sweet and has just a hint of salt, which balances the dish perfectly. After eating the bananas, you can drink the sweet (and just a bit salty) coconut milk!

The Experience

Although the food was delicious, the cozy atmosphere and warm hospitality was the highlight of A Taste of Thailand. Chris and Meghan are true raconteurs and have travel stories to match everything Meghan cooks. It takes courage to invite people you’ve never met into your house and cook them dishes from halfway around the world.

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