​A 2023 holiday shopping guide for the foodies in your life

It’s ONCE AGAIN that time of year when you have to think about what to get your friends, family, and loved ones. In many ways, foodies can be the easiest people to shop for. Even if you don’t see your foodie friends during the rest of the year, chances are, thanks to InstagramFacebook, etc., you know what they’ve been eating and drinking. Or maybe you are a foodie yourself?

Either way, here is a simple 2023 holiday shopping guide for the foodies in your life.

Atoria’s Family Bakery

Atoria’s Family Bakery has 15 different pizza crust, pita, naan, and flatbread options. You can order four or eight packs of four, all of which will come frozen and can last at least six months in the freezer or three weeks in the fridge. Mini Naan flatbreads are Atoria’s newest offering, with Cinanaan being the best dessert option. All you have to do is top it with some yogurt, honey, and berries.

All options are vegan and non-GMO. Shipping is free for online orders

The Curvy Italian Sauces

First-generation Italian-American entrepreneur April Field is sharing her family’s tomato sauce recipes with the world. The Curvy Italian focuses on quality over quantity with three gluten-free tomato sauces. Each sauce has 100% San Marzano tomatoes and contains no preservatives or added sugars. 

Chunky Marinara is the crowd-pleaser, while the keto-friendly meat sauce is infused with sweet Italian sausage. For those looking for some spice at a manageable level for nearly all, try the sassy sauce, also called picante. That one has just enough Calabrian chili flakes and banana peppers to give the sauce some kick without scaring anyone away. 

Use the promo code ‘BETHANKFUL’ to buy two jars and get one free. All sauces come in 17 or 64-ounce jars. 

Hawaiian Host Macadamias

Hawaiian Host brings a dream destination to the Lower 48 with chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and macadamia-infused chocolates. These are omnipresent in local grocery stores but harder to find outside the 50th state. With some of the more than 40 flavors, macadamias are not the only thing Hawaiian. For example, Hawaiian Honey and Kona Coffee use local ingredients. They have a Holiday Gift Bundle package that includes five limited edition holiday boxes, including the festive peppermint mocha. 

You can get 10% off your order by signing up for emails and texts.

Ladurée’s 2023 Advent Calendar

Ladurée’s 2023 Advent Calendar will contain a mix of nougat, candies, jams, and Eugénie cookies. Each of the 24 confections will be placed behind a dated slot. Calendars are $149 each. Orders can be placed on Goldbelly and will be delivered starting December 1.

Laoban Dumplings

Laoban Dumplings started in D.C. and now ships five different frozen eight-ounce bags around the United States. The four original flavors (Pork and Chive, Livin’ on the Vedge, Ginger Chicken, and Pork Soup) are available via Insacart. Mala Beef is the newest flavor and can be purchased through Whole Foods. Like Ginger Chicken and Pork Soup, you don’t even need any sauce. That’s especially true if you pan-fry them. Mala beef has chili, Sichuan Pepper, and soy sauce already mixed in.

Laoban is one of the vendors at D.C.’s Union Market.

Michele’s Syrups

Michele’s has three different gourmet syrups that are an ideal addition to your pancakes, waffles, smoothie, yogurt, etc. The recipe dates back to the late 1890s and founder and namesake Michele Hoskins’s great great great grandmother. Honey Creme, Butter Pecan, and Maple Creme are the three flavors. You can order a variety pack of 13-ounce bottles online

Milkadamia plant-based milk

Smooth and creamy macadamia milk is an alternative to more mainstream plant-based milk (almond, oat, soy). Milkadamia uses raw macadamia nuts farmed in Australia in its seven items, which each come in 32-ounce containers. All five milk varieties, plus the coffee and tea, are available on the Milkadamia website in packs of six. The milks have an optional 10% subscribe and save discount. Milkadamia also has an Amazon store

Seabear Smokehouse

The Pacific Northwest is known for having some of the best salmon in North America. Most of us are not lucky enough to live near Seattle, but thanks to Seabear Smokehouse, you can get smoked salmon shipped to your door. Their Ready to Eat Try Me 6 Packs are ideal as you’ll get to try a variety of flavors, none of which require refrigeration. The 3.5-ounce packs have a four-year shelf life. Chowders and soups are also easy to prepare. Just add the milk of your choice and boil it. They’re currently selling a four-pack Chowder and Soup sampler.

You can get $10 off all orders over $50 by signing up for the Seabear email list. They also have an Amazon store

Sfoglini pasta

If the foodies in your life are bored with the same old spaghetti and fettuccine, get them a Sfoglini pasta subscription. The company is based in New York’s Hudson Valley and has cuts that nobody outside the food industry will be familiar with. And it doesn’t stop there. Ingredients like turmeric and hemp flower are infused into cuts like reginetti and radiator. You can subscribe to the Sfoglini email list for 10% off your first order. For a limited time, the code ‘PASTAPRESENTS’ will get you $20 off orders of $50 or more. 

Thierry Atlan’s Glenfiddich Whisky-Infused Holiday Macarons

Dufftown, Scotland meets Paris with Thierry Atlan’s Grand Cru Scotch whisky-infused macarons. They come in boxes of 12 for $68 and contain 0.5% alcohol, which is infused into the white chocolate ganache. The gold and caramel-colored almond shells recall that of Glenfiddich Grand Cru. When it comes to taste, you’ll notice hints of pear and white grape.

Use code ‘GRATEFUL23’ for $20 off any purchase of $150 or more. There’s free shipping on all orders over $200.

YES Cacao

YES Cacao Minister of Chocolate Justin Frank Polgar spent more than a decade studying chocolate as medicine. With that in mind, you won’t find the typical sea salt caramel or dessert-themed chocolate bars here. Instead, flavors have different themes, including Endurance (launch into your day), Brain Power (master your mind), and Bliss Out (quiet the mind). Each of those is meant to be eaten at a different time of day.

1.3-ounce botanical chocolate bars are available in packs of three. YES also sells a zero-sugar cacao paste you can add to coffee, smoothies, etc. You can even use it to make your own chocolates. 

Arden’s Garden

No 2023 holiday shopping guide for the foodies in your life can be complete without some balance. After indulging in decadent chocolates, macarons, and pasta dishes, you may want to reset your system. The Arden’s Garden 2-day detox cleanse is one of five juice cleanse options. It calls for you to drink eight 16-ounce bottles of distilled water mixed with orange, grapefruit, and lemon juices. The idea is for you to feel energized and focused. In this case, energized and focused for the new year. 

2023 holiday shopping guide foodies Arden's Garden

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A 2023 Holiday Shopping Guide for the Foodies in Your Life

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