Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee bags are ideal at home or on the go. Just pour, dunk, and steep. Their 100% compostable coffee bags come in light, medium, and dark roast, as well as decaf and French roast. Variety boxes range from $15 to $39. They are currently offering free shipping on all orders. Gift cards start at $30. You can save even more money through their subscriptions. The roast lineup is also available through their Amazon store.

To see how simple it is, check out these Instagram story highlights.

Inbru Coffee Flavors

Inbru Coffee Flavors provide an alternative to the sugary/high-carb sweeteners that are common with most coffee additives. Just one small scoop per 6 oz. serving can add the necessary flavor to that plain cup of coffee. And there are no calories. The flavors get pretty quirky as well. There are 24 in total. Ever tried Banana Brulee or Celtic Mocha?

Most of the flavors are available on Amazon. 30-gram containers start at $7.75 each. Check out these Instagram story highlights to see how they work. 

Tea Runners

One of the world’s finest tea clubs, Tea Runners chooses from award-winning teas (and team favorites) from around the world and ships direct to your door via monthly subscriptions. All boxes can be customized. They also offer gift cards, starting at $10.

They have four different gift options. Subscriptions are also available via their Amazon store. Check out these Instagram story clips to see how the package arrives.

Caveman Coffee

Caveman Coffee Co. is leading the way in the cold brew market with their dairy-free, sugar-free, and keto/paleo-friendly lattes. They also do whole bean samplers, sparkling hibiscus tea, and nitro cold brew. The 11.5 oz. cans are perfect for taking on the road. They’ll keep you awake without taking up much space in your cooler. Pumpkin Spice is one of their best seasonal cold brew lattes. 

Some of their whole beans and cold brews are available on Amazon

Well Told Mugs

Well Told puts maps on their mugs, glasses, flasks, etc. The Lake Map mugs are perfect for coffee or tea. From Lake Tahoe to the Finger Lakes, these 15 oz. ceramic mugs are a perfect gift for travelers and coffee/tea lovers alike. Just looking at the detail of the drawings will have a calming effect, whether you happen to be sitting on a lakeside bench or listening to the rattling of elevated subway trains and other street noise from your NYC apartment. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50 plus 10% off if you sign up for their mailing list.

Pursue Happiness

Pursue Happiness sells Guatemalan Ground Coffee from Finca Dos Marias and Cold Brew Cowffee. Each Cowffee container has 20 grams of protein, making it an ideal post-workout drink. The milk comes from the Finger Lakes region of New York.

You can buy directly from their site, either individually or in boxes or 6 or 12. The Cowffee is also available on Amazon and in select grocery stores in New York City and state.

Wissotzky Tea

Wissotzky curates premium, non-GMO teas from around the world. You can find some for at little as $4.99/box in stores like Kroger and Wegmans. They’ve been family-owned since 1849. That’s the year that Muscovite, Klonimus Wissotzky became the exclusive tea purveyor to the Russian Emperor. From their Nana Mint varieties and Magic Garden Infusions to the Journey and Signature Collections, there’s enough variety for you to try a different flavor every day of the year. They even sell face masks. You can get free shipping on orders over $50 via their online store. They are also available on Amazon.

Counter Culture Coffee

From Durham to the Bay Area, Counter Culture Coffee is committed to providing sustainably sourced, single-origin coffees. The more than a dozen different blends that they offer all year round span four different continents. And they also offer seasonal blends and subscriptions. Their iridescent winter blend has hints of chocolate and berries, while the 25th-anniversary blend has hints of stone fruit and tangerine (like the Led Zeppelin song). They’ve recently launched a coffee club with NPR as well.

12 oz. boxes start at $15.25 on their website, where they also have a holiday gift guide. You can purchase via Amazon as well. Also, check out their certified barista program

The TripsGeo Collapsible Cup

While the Well Told Lake Map mugs are perfect for around the house, the TripsGeo collapsible cups are ideal for taking on the road. Especially if you are tired of putting Styrofoam cups in the trash and trying to find a place to recycle the endless stream of plastic and glass bottles that you’ll end up using otherwise. These food-grade, silicone cups support hot or cold beverages, and once collapsed, they are less than 3 1/2″ in diameter.

They are currently offering 40% off on their website. You can also buy on Amazon. Here are some Instagram story highlights that show just how easy these TripsGeo collapsible cups are to use.

Biodynamic Coffee

Their slogan is, “Great coffee comes from healthy soil.” Biodynamic Coffee is grown organically, without any of the exemptions that are typically allowed with organic farming. 12 oz. whole bean bags start at $19.95 on their website, with quantity discounts available. Both the bags and the boxes they come in are 100% compostable. Here are some Instagram story highlights of how they arrive.

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