Seabear Smokehouse

The Pacific Northwest is known for having some of the best salmon in North America. Most of us are not lucky enough to live near Seattle, but thanks to Seabear Smokehouse, you can get smoked salmon shipped to your door. Their Ready to Eat Try Me 6 Packs are ideal as you’ll get to try a variety of flavors, none of which require refrigeration. The chowders and soups are also easy to prepare. Just add the milk of your choice and boil. They’re currently selling a four-pack Chowder and Soup sampler.


Hearing the word NO is not always a bad thing. Especially when it comes to dressings. Lemonette is a California-based company that makes four different keto-friendly lemon-centric dressings with no sugar, GMOs, etc. All are plant-based are ideal for salads and fish. Check out their lemon garlic salmon recipe.

They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $40. You can also purchase via Amazon

Macaron Queen

Macaron Queen easily has the most impressive variety of macaron flavors. Three-dozen as of their writing. Their flagship store is in Atlanta, but you can also purchase their macarons at a dozen or so places throughout the southern states. You can even try some of their flavors in Howard Beach, which is practically within walking distance of JFK Airport. But for the full experience, we recommend shopping a-la-carte or getting one of their cleverly named curated boxes.

They are currently offering 20% off online orders of $50 or more and free shipping on orders over $75. 

Carnegie Deli

The famous Carnegie Deli may have closed at the end of 2016, but you can still buy the pastrami and lox that made them a New York institution online. Their matzo ball soup for eight comes out to less than $10 per person. All you have to do is add eggs, water, and oil. Even novices should be able to prepare it in 30 minutes or less.  

They are currently offering free shipping to the lower 48. 

Plant Junkie

Plant Junkie makes a variety of different plant-based dressings, spreads, and vinaigrettes. Their Thai Peanut dressing is perfect for dipping summer rolls or satay. It’s also an ideal salad dressing, as are the rest of their dressings and vinaigrettes. For more ideas, check out the recipes section of their website.

Their turmeric pepper and ranch dressing is available on Amazon.

JD Gourmet Olive Oils & Vinegars

With more than 50 different flavors of olive oils, vinegars, balsamic glazes, truffle salts, and marinades, JD Gourmet is one of the best purveyors in the northeast. Their vinegar flavors are made with real fruit, and everything comes from Italy. They have a store in New Jersey and you can also find them at local farmers markets. If you can’t make it to the garden state, they have an online store.

For some ideas on how to use their oils and vinegars, check out their recipes. You can get more ideas from these Instagram story highlights. Head to their online store and use discount code ROAM for 15% off your order.

A League of Kitchens Gift Card

The League of Kitchens is an immersive culinary experience which connects curious foodies with immigrant cooks from around the world. Argentine, Bengali, Lebanese, Nepalese, and Uzbek (to name a handful) immigrants invite guests into their homes for intimate cooking workshops. Some even take you shopping with them beforehand.  And they’ve recently started offering online classes. They start at $60 per device, plus the cost of groceries. Before you sign up for an online class, you can check out the list of items you’ll need. Gift cards are available for the exact amount of an online, taste of, or immersive class.

For other in-home dining experiences, check out Bonappetour.

Counter Culture Coffee

From Durham to the Bay Area, Counter Culture Coffee is committed to providing sustainably sourced, single-origin coffees. The more than a dozen different blends that they offer all year round span four different continents. And they also offer seasonal blends and subscriptions. Their iridescent winter blend has hints of chocolate and berries, while the 25th-anniversary blend has hints of stone fruit and tangerine (like the Led Zeppelin song). They’ve recently launched a coffee club with NPR as well.

12 oz. boxes start at $15.25 on their website, where they also have a holiday gift guide. You can purchase via Amazon as well. Also, check out their certified barista program.

Yoma’s Peti Tea Dressing

Thawdar Kyaw and her husband opened Yoma in 2007 to serve the Boston-area student population. Their tea leaf salad became so popular that, in 2013, it inspired them to open a Burmese grocery store in the same space as the restaurant. They started by selling the main ingredients you need to make lahphet thoke (tea leaf salad).

Everything in their store is available online. If you’re new to Burmese food, we recommend starting with their Tea Salad kit. You can buy the other ingredients in any grocery store. 

True Scoops

Whether you’ve always wanted to make your own ice cream, or are tired of shelling out $8 or more for two scoops in your city, True Scoops has you covered. For less than $20, you can mix and match an ice cream flavor and sauce. They currently have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, along with hot fudge and salted butterscotch sauce mixes.

While an ice cream maker is preferable, you can get the same result with a bowl, whisk, ice cube trays, and blender. The prep time is longer than a trip to your local ice cream parlor, and each packet yields one quart. Allow at least three hours to freeze.

They’re currently offering 15% off first-time orders and free shipping on orders over $50.

Soom Foods

Three sisters and Ethiopian sesame seeds are Soom Foods’ recipe for delicious success. They have four different tahini options as well as cookbooks to help you put this 5,000-year-old paste to use. We also recommend their Silan Date Syrup. It has a syrup-like consistency yet lacks the extreme sweetness of maple syrup or honey. Silan uses dates from the Arava Desert and Jordan Valley, resulting in a deep flavor. 

They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $44.99. Here are some of their recipe ideas.

Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes 

Just Like Home makes six different tomato-based sauces, each inspired by a different family recipe. The N.Y. Lip-Smackin’ Garlic comes from New York. Each jar has a picture and bio of the person who submitted the recipe during their 2019 contest. And they still accept submissions from time to time.

While you can’t purchase directly via their website, you can check out a list of stores and websites that carry Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes. 25 cents from every jar sold to homeless shelters.

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