The Kornati Islands

Not far from Split, there’s a little Dalmatian town called Šibenik. Šibenik is a lovely historical place where, just like anywhere else in Croatia, you can enjoy your vacation in a luxurious villa. The town also serves as a gateway to National Park Kornati, which is one of Croatia’s true hidden gems. 

A paradise for sailors and sea-lovers, this national park comprises no less than 89 islands, islets, and cliffs. Named after Kornat, which is the largest of the islands and gets its name from the Latin word corona (the crown), this archipelago is the most indented in the Mediterranean. The indescribable beauty of the Kornati Islands is the main reason why many call it a true wonder of nature and believe that they were made by God’s tears, stars, and spirit! 

Get to know Kornati Islands!

The Kornati Islands were declared a national park on August 13th, 1980. Since then, thousands of visitors have been flocking here to admire nature and explore the hidden coves and beaches. Unfortunately, in 2007, a large fire broke out in the park, and 12 firefighters were tragically killed. In their memory, 12 crosses stand on Kornat island.

The park covers 217 square kilometers. Three-quarters of the whole area is occupied by the sea, while islands and islets cover only one-quarter. The mainland of the park is exclusively private property, so cooperation between the owners and the management is needed for any actions to be taken.

Seven nautical miles away from the Kornati Islands, there’s a remarkable place to find your future home – Murter island, which is often referred to as “The Kornati gates.” The highest peak of Kornati is Metlina, 237 meters high, and is located on the largest island of Kornat. Apart from tourism, the islands are also known for cattle breeding and olive growing.

How to spend your time on the Kornati Islands

The Kornati islands are a perfect place to get lost exploring nature. Here, you can dive into the undersea world or absorb the sun all day long. The only thing you have to do is to find your perfect spot, cast the anchor, and you’re good to go! On Kornat, the largest island, there’s a small church in the Tarac cove that you won’t want to miss.

How to get there?

Just as you can rent a boat from Split to explore the neighboring islands, you can rent one from Šibenik as well. If you’re looking to combine the two experiences, you can also rent one of the most beautiful villas in Dalmatia. Either way, you’re probably going to fall in love the second you see how beautiful this area is. And for that reason alone, now is the perfect time to start the search for your dream home in Tribunj so that you can be as close as possible to the Kornati Islands!

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