How to Eat in Spain on a Budget

When traveling to a different country, exploring the local cuisine and culture tends to be one of the most appealing activities. What often puts a damper on that, however, is the cost of eating out. You may be wondering if it’s possible to try the local food without spending more on eating out than you did on funding the entire trip. And it is possible. Take a look at the following guide which will provide you with some tricks and tips that will help you to eat well on a budget in Spain.


Pile it in at lunchtime

Many Spanish restaurants have set menus and dishes that they offer for a fixed price during lunchtime. The Spanish rarely do anything in half measures and they usually serve enough food at lunchtime that can save you from having to eat dinner. So, go wild at noon, enjoy the cuisine from a set menu, which you can typically find for between 12 to 15 euros. Then for dinner, have something lighter when the set menu prices increase and food becomes more expensive.

Cornershop the wine

The price of wine and beer in restaurants can be extortionate, especially in the evening. Instead of paying through-the-roof prices for one glass of wine at the dinner table, settle for a soft drink at the restaurant and purchase your wine or beer at a corner store later on. Now that’s savvy!

Take it away!

Portions tend to be larger in Spain. You’ll likely find yourself in situations where you are unable to finish everything on your plate. Ask your server to pop the leftovers into a takeaway box. You’ll thank yourself later in the evening when you start feeling peckish and don’t have to fork out more money for another meal.

Take Advantage of Buy one get one tapas

Tapas offer an ideal way for you to sample different dishes at a low price. Sometimes! Be careful as some tapas bars have been designed for tourists and try to sell you fancy-looking, minuscule portions for big bucks. Look for deals when seeking out tapas. For example, those that advertise a free drink with one or two tapas usually offer the best deals.

Don’t sightsee your meals

Restaurants which are located in the most picturesque places tend to have the highest prices and offer mediocre food. The places that are located near famous landmarks don’t necessarily offer the best food. See the landmarks and then walk a few blocks before picking somewhere to eat. This will help to ensure that you are not paying extra for the view. You will find that food prices drop considerably when you get away from touristy locations.

Stick with the locals

The locals will be just like you, wanting to eat out and enjoy a nice evening without breaking the bank. When choosing a restaurant, steer clear of those that look like they are full of tourists only as they will usually be the more expensive places. Instead, brush up on your Spanish and ask a local for the best low budget place to have dinner, then follow their lead.

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