5 Reasons You Should Be Renting a Car on Your Honolulu Trip

When you get to Oahu, the heart of Hawaii, a visit to Honolulu’s capital is a must. Tourists flock to this city where the busy streets meet palm trees and sea shores, and with good reason.

Whether you’re headed to the beach or want to explore the city, it’s important that you stay prepared and pack the essentials found in our previous list of ‘5 Things No Traveler Should Ever Forget’. But beyond making sure that you’ve prepared extra clothes, money, and charged all your devices, you also have to decide how you’ll get around the city.

Renting a car in Honolulu provides many benefits that public transportation can’t. Here are five reasons you should consider it a part of your travel checklist.

Renting a car gives you a more Flexible Honolulu itinerary

Every traveler wants to maximize every second of their limited time on a trip. Oahu may be serviced by a comprehensive bus system known as TheBus. Still, you’ll have to plan your itinerary around its offered routes and timetables—not to mention the waiting lines and the general unpredictability of using public transport. When you rent a car, you have all the freedom and flexibility to make stops whenever and wherever you want, especially if you want to visit Oahu’s best views, like the lookout point at Pu’u’ Ualaka’a. A car rental ensures you can drive up the mountainous trail just in time to watch the sunset.

Reduced costs

You can opt for daily guided tours that pick you up from your hotel and accompany you to every destination. However, those can get wildly expensive, especially if traveling in a group or staying for an extended period. Costs can quickly rack up as you make multiple stops throughout the day. Even single-day passes can put a dent in your budget since you still have to pay for every individual in your travel group. Luckily, car rentals mean unlimited trips to Honolulu’s free attractions, like the landmark Aloha Tower and the Hawaii State Capitol. The latter offers public tours.

Stress-free arrival on the island

The hassle of not having a vehicle for a trip starts when you land. With more than 20 million tourists arriving at and departing from the Honolulu International Airport, there’s a guaranteed surge in demand and prices for cabs and ride-hailing services. Unfortunately, hotels that offer free airport transfers can also be hard to come by, so your best bet is to take advantage of the car rental services at Honolulu Airport.

Booking a rental car in advance can help you secure the lowest possible rates and the availability of the type of vehicle you want, whether it’s a convertible, a sporty SUV, or a spacious minivan. You can pick up the car at the airport’s CONRAC Consolidated Car Rental Facility.

Greater opportunities for sightseeing

Aside from comfort and convenience, renting a car allows you to explore destinations beyond walking distance or inaccessible by public transportation. For example, a quick drive to Diamond Head Beach Park opens you up to expansive seaside views and surf swells. Meanwhile, solo travelers and travel groups alike will surely enjoy a daytime road trip to Makapu’u Point, where the scenic journey pays off with a stunning ocean view at the lookout near the lighthouse.

Fewer worries for luggage and gear

After you’ve exhausted all the sights to see on land, it’s time to explore the islands and underwater gems. Among the top things to do in Honolulu are aquatic adventures like surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking, with a wide range of options from the calm and relaxing waves of Kailua Beach to the gnarly waves of Oahu’s North Shore perfect for professional surfers and adventure-seekers. 

Having a rental car means you don’t have to worry about lugging around all your aquatic gear while also giving you the freedom to bring as much food and refreshments as needed.

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Have you been to Honolulu? Or other Hawaiian islands? If so, how did you enjoy your visit? Did you rent a car? Leave a comment below!