Regardless of which type of holiday you plan to go on, there are some things that every traveler needs at all times. You could be heading for a luxury 5-star cruise, or you might be off on a frugal backpacking tour. Either way, make sure you always travel with these five things.

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Travel insurance can be one of the most critical parts of your journey. And you can never tell when it will get you out of trouble. So make sure you look at your travel insurance options to ensure that you have the right policy and level of coverage for your activity. And it’s paramount that you look at what’s covered. For example, activities like winter and water sports are considered more dangerous. In cases like those, you may have to purchase an additional policy.

A Universal Adaptor

Not every country uses the same style of socket or even the same voltage in the mains. You need to make sure that you can always charge your electronics no matter where you might be. Therefore, you’ll need to get your hands on a universal adaptor. These come with specific prongs so you can adjust the pins as needed.

A Change of Clothes

Whether you are getting on a flight and checking your bags or just stashing them in the hold of a bus, there is always the chance they can go missing. So we recommend keeping a spare change of clothes with you in the bags you’ll be holding onto. That way, even if you do lose your bags, you’ll have at least one set of clean clothes while you track down that suitcase.

Phone Charger

Speaking of keeping things charged, you need to make sure you always have a phone charger to hand. So many of us rely on our phones for a multitude of reasons. For example, you might use it to store tickets. It also allows you to access email, booking reservations, and so on. If you’re planning a more extended stay in a given country, it’s usually a good idea to pick up a charger from a local shop. That way, you’ll know it will work throughout your stay.

Emergency Money

Chances are you won’t forget to bring money on a major trip. But there is always the chance you could lose your cards, get scammed or have your wallet/purse stolen. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring some extra cash with you as a backup. This is best left in your luggage or hotel room, away from your primary stash. Whether it’s in the country’s currency or your home currency, having this extra bit of money will save you a lot of hassle should things go wrong.

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