When is the best time for sailing in Croatia?

The ancient land of Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Its breathtaking Islands, historic towns, and beautiful scenery draw people from around the world. 

Planning a sailing trip at the perfect time of year is essential if you’re hoping for the experience of a lifetime. This article will discuss the different seasons and how they might affect your sailing experience. 

Once you decide when to visit Croatia, the next step will be to explore the optimal sailing boat for your journey from Sebastus!


In Croatia, April and May are considered to be the pre-sailing season. That’s because the days are long, the sea is calm, and the winds are steady.


April is the month to travel if you want to enjoy intense and consistent winds for a more beautiful sailing experience across the Dalmatian Islands. So, if you want to spend most of your time sailing during the day and your evenings sipping wine and viewing the beautiful city, you may prefer an April vacation. And it’s early in the pre-season, meaning you’ll find some of the best deals to rent a yacht at a reasonable price.


A May sailing trip to Croatia is still considered the off-season. So, while you’ll still find deals on airline tickets and boat rentals, May is when the season truly begins. Temperatures are rising and will continue to increase throughout the month; as the days get longer, the winds will be more constant, although not as fierce as in April. But the waters will not yet be overcrowded like in summer.

High Season

Thanks to the warm air and light breeze, late June, July, and August are considered peak sailing months in Croatia.


June marks the start of the peak cruise season in Croatia. The price of chartering a yacht will be at a premium, but it won’t be too crowded just yet. And perhaps most important, the days will be long, and the sea will be warm enough for you to swim without a wetsuit. 


Croatia comes to life in July, which is the best season for sailing. The weather will be lovely and bright, the sea temperature ideal, and you’ll be able to count on gentle and pleasant winds. However, the cost of sailing will be high, and the country will likely be crowded with visitors.


In August, the temperature rises to its peak. School holidays begin across Europe, meaning prices will be at their highest, with more kids playing on the beaches. And nearly all charter boats will be sailing on the water.


September and October are considered the postseason for sailing in Croatia. You can expect shorter days, warm seas, and a consistent breeze.


If you want a nice mix of sunshine and warm seas with lower prices, mid-September is probably the best time for sailing in Croatia. 


October is the perfect time to enjoy sailing in Croatia without the crowds. You’ll be able to mix sailing with sightseeing or land activities like cycling or hiking.

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