A guide to chartering a luxury yacht on Vis

Vis is a picturesque island along the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Here, you can enjoy the experience of the Mediterranean Sea in a remote location, which is often overlooked by travelers. You’ll get excellent cuisine along with some of the best wines and beer available on the island. 

Vis is also an ideal place for you to charter a luxury yacht. Charter yachts offer autonomy, along with super hygienic environment. They can be cost-effective as well.

If you plan to go this route, it’s important that you find the best charter brokers available to guide and assist you through your journey. Here is a guide to help first-timers understand the process of chartering a yacht and also get the most out of Vis.

Chartering A Private Yacht

Hiring a private charter yacht is one of the best ways to enjoy a luxury vacation. If you’ve never chartered a private luxury yacht, you’ll likely have several questions running through your mind. You will have to contact a charter expert who can walk you through the process. Then, you’ll will be able to prepare yourself for the journey.

How to get to Vis

The only way to get to Vis is via ferry or on a catamaran that departs from Split, which is the second largest city in Croatia. The ride will approximately two hours, but can vary slightly, depending on the travel method you choose.

Beaches at Vis island

The island of Vis has two of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches. They are the trademark of this island and a must visit. With a chartered luxury yacht, you can also get to see some small beaches and hidden bays. Stiniva and Zaglav are that area’s two can’t-miss beaches.

Apart from the beaches, Vis offers several sightseeing opportunities as well. Furthermore, you can enjoy a handful other events that are held at the island. Two popular ones include Viska Regatta and Vis Cultural Summer.

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