TBEX North America 2022

TBEX North America 2022 will be held in Kennewick, Washington. Along with Pasco and Richland, Kennewick makes up the area known as Washington’s Tri-Cities. The Columbia River separates Kennewick and Richland from Pasco. Visitors arriving by air tend to fly into the latter, where Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) is located.

Speaking at TBEX North America 2022

The event was originally scheduled for August 2021. Like TBEX North America 2020, which was originally scheduled to take place in Lafayette, Louisiana, it was postponed due to COVID concerns. I was originally scheduled to speak at TBEX North America 2020 in Lafayette, Louisiana. I’ve attended the event a couple of times since I first started blogging in 2015: Stockholm in 2016 and Finger Lakes in 2018.

What is TBEX?

TBEX connects bloggers, vloggers, and other travel content creators with brand and DMO reps from the respective region. For example, I’ll be presenting to mostly North America-based creators who are looking to supplement their blogging and freelance travel writing incomes. TBEX holds separate annual events in Europe and Asia.

How to supplement your blogger income by leading Airbnb Experiences

I’ll be discussing how I got started as an Airbnb Experience host, why I chose Airbnb, and the earning potential that prospective hosts will have. The presentation will not be about renting your apartment on Airbnb as Experiences are a completely separate process. Instead, I’ll be discussing my individual NYC walking tours, how I got licensed, and some of the others I’ve joined since 2018. I will also be discussing alternatives to Airbnb, including Bonappetour, League of Kitchens, and Urban Adventures.

You can sign up here. Use the promo code expert25 for 25% off.

Brian Cicioni leading Goodfellas NYC Tour

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I'll be speaking at TBEX North America 2022