Between 1987 and 2019, Soundgarden released six studio albums, two live albums, six compilations, and various EPs. The 2017 death of frontman (and primary songwriter), Chris Cornell put an end to the band, but there are still several landmarks you can visit in their hometown of Seattle. This list is arranged in chronological order. Like Seattle, the spots are spread out, but light rail stations are listed if the places are near one of the stops.

Coryell Apartments

Hotel Max



Museum of Pop Culture


Ray's Boathouse

A Sound Garden

West Point Lighthouse

Ray’s Boathouse

Chris Cornell started working in this Seattle institution as a dishwasher back in the early 1980s. According to a Seattle Times article from around the one-year anniversary of his death, the young, long-haired teenager used to enjoy impersonating rock stars while he hosed off floor mats down by the dock. His older brother (Peter) got him the job, and he in turn, got his friend Kevin a job. Some say that Kevin from the song “Full On Kevin’s Mom” off Soundgarden’s 1989 major label debut is a reference to Chris’ former friend and co-worker.

In the mid-80s, the Cornell brothers left Ray’s for a brief stint at Capitol Hill’s Rain City Grill before the Soundgarden frontman finally dedicated himself to his band full time. Soundgarden continued until going on a 14 years hiatus, which started in 1997. A month before their first breakup, Cornell attended a retirement party for his former boss and head chef at Ray’s. None of his former co-workers are still at Ray’s, but the seafood restaurant which overlooks the Shilshole Bay is still going strong after more than 65 years.

A Sound Garden

The first of the Seattle grunge bands to sign to a major label, Soundgarden took their name from this outdoor public artwork located on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) campus. The sculptural group of a dozen 21’ high steel towers makes un-grunge-like soothing sounds when the wind passes through. This is because each one is topped with an organ pipe attached to a weather vane. Bring your imagination and visit during a windy day, and maybe you’ll hear the intro to “The Day I Tried to Live” or “Beyond the Wheel.”

Either way, the setting along the northwest shore of Lake Washington can be a serene escape from gridlock traffic and the seemingly never-ending luxury condos that seem to be sprouting up everywhere near the downtown area.

Coryell Court Apartments (The Apartment Building from Singles)

The building first appears at the 8 minute and 35-second mark after the humorous black and white caption, “Have Fun Stay Single.” We first meet Cliff (played by Matt Dillon) and Steve in the building, and it makes numerous appearances throughout the film. Janet (played by Bridget Fonda) lives there as well.

Towards the end of the movie, there’s a hilarious scene where an excited Cliff surprises Janet with a new car stereo he installed for her. As the music starts (“Jinx” by Tad), a stoned-looking Chris Cornell comes walking out of one of the apartments dressed in black. As he’s standing beside Cliff bobbing his head, Cliff continues to turn up the music until all of the windows blow out on Janet’s car.

Nearest light rail station: Capitol Hill

West Point Lighthouse

This is the lighthouse you see in Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike” video. Just months before Chris Cornell broke his Rusty Cage and Eddie Vedder let the world know that he’s still alive, Temple of the Dog released their only album. It started as a tribute to Mother Love Bone (Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard’s pre-Pearl Jam band) frontman, Andrew Wood. The project started with two songs, “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down” and eventually was released as an album featuring Chris Cornell and the Pearl Jam lineup from 1998-present. 

Both the lighthouse and the beach they perform on are part of Discovery Park, which is situated on the Puget Sound.

The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974. Soundgarden’s March 6, 1992, Paramount show was released in its entirety under the same name as part of the 25th-anniversary re-release of Badmotorfinger.

Nearest light rail station: Westlake

The Moore Theatre

Dating back to 1907, the Moore is the oldest Seattle theatre that is still in use. Soundgarden recorded their 1988 Fopp EP here before signing with A & M.

Nearest light rail station: Westlake

MoPOP (Chris Cornell Statue)

In November 2016, the former Experience Music Project rebranded itself as the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP). The famous guitar sculpture is still there, and you can still play with an array of instruments on the second floor, but the 140,000 square foot museum now focuses on film as well. Outside the museum, there’s a life-sized bronze statue of Chris Cornell, with guitar in hand.

Nearest light rail station: Seattle Center Monorail (connection from Westlake)

Hotel Max

The 5th floor at the Hotel Max pays tribute to Sub Pop Records. Each door is designed with a black and white Charles Peterson photograph of a Seattle rock icon. Each room has a Crosley record player with a small Sub Pop vinyl collection along with some books about the grunge era. The door of room 509 has a Soundgarden picture from the Louder Than Love era. Inside the room, the vinyl version of Ultramega Ok hangs on the wall, held up by guitar straps.

Nearest light rail station: Westlake


KEXP started in 1972 as part of the University of Washington. With a team of 60 employees and 45 deejays, they are on air 24/7, 365 days a year. Unlike other radio stations in the United States, KEXP disc jockeys are allowed to play what they want.

Tours are offered daily at 2 PM. In the summer months, there’s also a morning tour. They are limited to 45-minutes, which is not much time if you want to check out their extensive vinyl and CD collections. Two of the more interesting items in their collection are original 1991 vinyl releases of Nirvana’s Nevermind and Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger. Numerous stickers are attached to the sleeves with comments from KEXP deejays. Comments include, “This entire album (Badmotorfinger) is a perfect fusion of rock/metal/punk.” When Chris Cornell died, hundreds of fans descended on the KEXP lobby area. The place quickly reached capacity, and an impromptu memorial service was held for one of the most iconic vocalists to come out of Seattle in the past 35 years.

Nearest light rail station: Seattle Center Monorail (connection from Westlake)

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I stayed at the Kimpton Palladian Hotel, which is conveniently located across the street from the Moore Theatre and within walking distance of many other Seattle grunge landmarks. Here’s a more general list of rock and roll landmarks in Seattle.

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