Located along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, Makarska is known for its Riviera beaches, seafront promenade, and nightlife. During the day, you’ll experience some hustle and bustle, but there’s also plenty of history. Besides the different churches, there’s also a Napoleonic monument and a Baroque palace.

Makarska has several villas at reasonable rates, making it an ideal weekend getaway destination. Here are four simple ways to experiences Makarska.

Party with the fishermen

From June to September, Makarska kicks into high gear. During July and August, the waterfront really comes to life thanks to the annual Fisherman Fiesta. It is a celebration of the local culture and is held specifically for the visitors. You will get a chance to snag seafood, fresh fish, etc. And there are several simple and fun games going on throughout the festival. 

Sip coffee with the best view

You will know the quality of a bar as soon as you sit down by looking at the clientele that inhabits it. When in Makarska, don’t miss visiting the Pivnica Pivac. This bar is located along the main promenade and offers one of the most pleasant views with some amazing beer. If you are not too fond of beer, you can also sip coffee and enjoy the glorious view.

Party until the sun rises

Good news for all party animals: Makarska had some of the best clubs and pubs for you to party until sunrise. Young visitors from the nearby villages to spend a nice weekend here. No one will stop you from hitting the floor, and you’ll be free to dance until your feet are sore. Locals usually visit Peter Pan, but the best option is Deep Makarska, located inside of a cave.

Dine at a sunset waterfront

Villa Riva is a four-star hotel along the seafront promenade. The hotel restaurant of the same name is an ideal place for a waterfront dinner replete with seafood and wine. Even if you don’t plan to stay at the hotel, the restaurant is a destination by itself. The location is perfect and they have one of the best wine selections in Makarska.

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