Opal Apples

These naturally non-browning, non-GMO apples are grown exclusively in Southeastern Washington State. They were the first to be verified by the non-GMO project and have a crunchy texture combined with a sweet, tangy flavor. You can find them at Whole Foods and in Trader Joe’s. Once you buy them, you should check out the recipes section of their website. They also accept recipe submissions.


For tasty granola without the grains, add Paleonola to your oatmeal, yogurt, acai bowl, etc. With delicious flavors like Maple Pecan, Cinnamon Blueberry, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Fix, you won’t get bored with eating healthy. They also have grain-free protein bars.   

Check out their blog for a complete list of recipes. Sign up for their email list to get 25% off your first order. You can purchase variety packs on Amazon as well. 

Ricante Hot Sauces

“Costa Rica’s Best Hot Sauce” comes in five different flavors, and then there are the tropical fruit-infused Everything Sauces. If you’re looking to try the hottest sauce so you can brag to your friends, then (in the words of Eddie Vedder), “this is not for you.” All of the sauces have some kick, thanks to the habaneros. But you can still taste the pineapple, mango, guanabana, tamarind, etc.

The sauces are Whole 30 approved and can be purchased on Amazon. If you’re looking to sample all of the hot sauces, check out this sampler pack. Here are some Instagram story highlights of their Everything Sauces. Recipes are available via their website

Mighty Sesame Co. Tahini

Epicurious ranked Mighty Sesame Co. as the best tahini you can buy. They even suggested eating it by the spoonful. The 100-calorie bars come in packs of six, with three different flavors. You can avoid mixing the tahini by purchasing their squeeze bottles, which come in three different flavors.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy, check out the recipes section of their website. There, you’ll find more than a dozen different ideas, including smoothies, desserts, and Mighty Sesame Sautéed Mushrooms. The bars are available in variety packs on Amazon. You can also buy the squeezable tahini in packs of two.

Shrewd Food

Shrewd Food makes high-protein alternatives to traditional cookies, croutons, and puffs. Their signature protein puffs come in seven different flavors. Options range from savory flavors like Brick Oven Pizza and Sriracha Cheddar to the dessert-inspired Cookies & Cream.

They are currently offering 10% off for first-time buyers. Here is a list of retail outlets that sell Shrewd Food products. Some of them are available on Amazon.

AYO Almond Yogurt

AYO dairy-free yogurt comes in four different flavors. Their almond yogurt is perfect in smoothies, lassi, or topped with granola. You can also enjoy the silky consistency all by itself. The texture is similar to traditional French yogurt. The fruit-flavored cups use real, organic fruit. All flavors are high in fiber and low in sugar.

Here are some recipes from their website. Although you have to purchase AYO in stores, they do have a coupon on their site. According to their store locator, it’s available in most major metropolitan areas.

Ayo Almond Milk Yogurt - Holiday Shopping Guide for the Foodies in Your Life

JD Gourmet Olive Oils & Vinegars

With more than 50 different flavors of olive oils, vinegars, balsamic glazes, truffle salts, and marinades, JD Gourmet is one of the best purveyors in the northeast. Their vinegar flavors are made with real fruit, and everything comes from Italy. They have a store in New Jersey and you can also find them at local farmers markets. If you can’t make it to the garden state, they have an online store.

For some ideas on how to use their oils and vinegars, check out their recipes. You can get more ideas from these Instagram story highlights. Head to their online store and use discount code ROAM for 15% off your order.

Eastern Standard Provisions

Not all pretzels are created equal. The six different shapes and sizes from Eastern Standard Provisions are light are airy on the inside, with a Boston Strong Bavarian crust on the outside. You can make sandwiches with the sliders and buns. The others go well with a mix of brie and their gourmet pretzel salts. They also have more than a dozen different gift options, starting at just $19.99.

Use discount code ROAM for 20% off your online order, and don’t forget to add at least two different pretzel salts to your order. You won’t regret it!

Here are some Instagram story highlights of how easy it is to bake these with a bit of olive oil and pretzel salt. That’s really all you need.

Koshihkari Japanese Rice

Cultivated in the rice fields of Ibaraki, this short-grain, restaurant-quality Japanese rice is now available directly to consumers. Whether you’re rolling sushi, preparing a fried rice dish on the work, or getting creative with your poke bowl, IRIS USA has a style of rice that will give whatever you’re making the extra edge. You can even eat it plain with your bare hands!

Options range from very soft to firm. All are gluten-free and perfect for rice balls. The Nanatsuboshi is best for sushi and fried rice, while Niigata is perfect for combining with grilled seafood or stews. Each bag has five individual packs inside.

Maple Craft Syrup 

With more than ten different flavors, the possibilities with Maple Craft Syrup are seemingly endless. You can use it to sweeten your coffee or tea. It’s an ideal dessert topping and an excellent addition to your smoothie. Mix it with your Greek yogurt to sweeten it up a bit, or go the more traditional route and smother your waffles or pancakes with any of the flavors. Here is a list of recipes from their website. Maple Craft syrups have 33% less sucrose than sugar. 

Wick’s Pies

This Indiana-based company has been making pies since 1944. Whether you’re a former Hoosier looking for a taste of home or just someone who loves pie, you can get theirs shipped to your door, starting at $19.99 each. Speaking of Hoosiers, their most famous pie is the sugar cream or “Hoosier Pie.” It’s Indiana’s state pie. The locals are so in love with this crème brulee-like local culinary treasure that the Indiana Foodways Alliance has a Hoosier Pie Trail.

To learn more about Indiana’s state pie, check out this IGTV clip with Lindsey from the Indiana Foodways Alliance. You can order directly from their online store. Use code ‘MorePie15’ for 15% off your order.

A League of Kitchens Gift Card

The League of Kitchens is an immersive culinary experience which connects curious foodies with immigrant cooks from around the world. Argentine, Bengali, Lebanese, Nepalese, and Uzbek (to name a handful) immigrants invite guests into their homes for intimate cooking workshops. Some even take you shopping with them beforehand.  And they’ve recently started offering online classes. They start at $60 per device, plus the cost of groceries. Before you sign up for an online class, you can check out the list of items you’ll need. Gift cards are available for the exact amount of an online, taste of, or immersive class.

For other in-home dining experiences, check out Bonappetour.

Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path has 140 different granolas, oatmeal, waffles, and different kinds of cereal. Some are gluten-free, and most are vegan-friendly. Their superfood granolas are an excellent addition to their different cereals. They also go well with yogurt.

You can get 10% off by joining their email list. They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $45.  Check out their online store. Most of their products are available on Amazon as well.

Absolutely Gluten-Free Raw Coconut Chews

These raw coconut chews come in two flavors: cranberry and cacao nibs. Both are gluten-free, certified kosher, and generously drizzled with sweet chocolate. They come individually wrapped, which makes them perfect for leaving out for guests or taking on the road. You can also add these bite-size pieces to your yogurt or acai bowl. Individual bags are available in Kroger and other grocery stores. Packs of three are available on Amazon

Seapoint Farms Mighty Lil’ Lentils

With 5 grams of protein per serving, these lentils are an ideal (and more affordable) meat or fish substitute. Two of the four flavors are vegan. Add them to your poke bowl, papaya salad, or eat them straight out of the bag. Their lentils, seaweed crisps, edamame pasta, and harvest blends are all available via their Amazon store.

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A Holiday Shopping Guide for the Foodies in Your Life

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