5 Ways to Immerse Yourself in London’s British Culture

When we travel, we too often try to visit as many attractions as possible in a short period of time. The result is that we end up passing through the given destination without truly immersing ourselves in the local culture. For example, learning the local history can give us a better appreciation of the place we are visiting. But reading a book or two and breezing through the most popular museum cannot replace genuine interaction with locals.

London is the most visited city in Europe. Here are five ways to immerse yourself in London’s British culture.

Visit London’s museums for free

The best way to immerse yourself in London’s British culture is by understanding their history. Visiting the capital’s numerous museums is an affordable and easy way to start. Forbes notes in an article about London’s best free museums that culture will not cost you in this city. They recommend that you must visit the British Museum, National Gallery, and the Natural History Museum. There are also the V&A, Tate Britain, Sir John Soane Museum, and the Wallace Collection. All are free and will introduce you to the UK and its unique culture and history.

Link up with The Clink

For a peek into the quirkier parts of British culture, visit The Clink Prison Museum. Located just off the South Bank, The Clink functioned as a London prison from the 12th to the 18th centuries. Now, it is a unique attraction that demonstrates how the British once incarcerated lawbreakers. It will take you through an interactive tour of one of the UK’s oldest prisons, including a detailed retelling of its sometimes morbid history. It can be eerie at times, but the insight it offers on life inside the clink is eye-opening.

Have afternoon tea

Tea is the UK’s national drink. Case in point, a Gala Bingo survey on just how much the British drink tea found that 31% of people in the UK drink at least five or more cups a day! There’s no better place to partake in this centuries-old tradition than in Twinings Café on the Strand, which just so happens to be one of the first merchants to bring tea to this country. You won’t go wrong, too, with a traditional afternoon tea at Claridge’s, The Mirror Room, and the Hotel Café Royal.

Watch some soccer live

The UK is a soccer nation. It has some of the sport’s most passionate fans, and this passion is something you must feel firsthand to understand. The best way to do this is by watching a match live, preferably one involving England’s national team at Wembley Stadium. In case that isn’t possible, watching matches in the UK’s domestic leagues (the Premier League, most notably) is also an experience not to be missed. Here, you will get a sense of the community and passion that the British have for this sport.

Play bingo

Bingo and the British go back to when the first games were played in the 1700s. The British fell in love with it and have refused to let go. Today, they are keeping it alive, even as the number of traditional bingo halls has dwindled. This makes a visit to the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre in South London mandatory, especially given its impending demolition. The centre is home to The London Place, which is one the largest and busiest bingo venues in London. If you want a more modern version, there are several locations that combine vibrant nightlife with the game of bingo. Check out Dabbers Social Bingo.

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