The Tobu Hotel Levant

The Tobu Hotel Levant is a non-smoking, four-star hotel located between the Sumida and Arakawa Rivers at the southern end of Tokyo’s Sumida Ward. Nearly half of the rooms offer breathtaking views of Japan’s tallest structure, as does the hotel’s 24th-floor restaurant. They have on-site parking as well as convenient access to three different train lines. There are 12 different banquet halls, making the Levant an ideal place for a wedding or conference. And you get your own personal smartphone for the duration of your stay!

The Rooms

There are 19 different room options at the Tobu Hotel Levant. Nine come with a Skytree view. Single rooms start at 19 square meters, while the deluxe rooms max out at 37. The higher-end rooms come with a refrigerator and Nespresso machine. All include the standard four-star hotel amenities, plus a Handy, which is common in higher-end Japanese hotels. Handys are local cell phones with limited data, which you can take out of the hotel to give yourself a WiFi hotspot, check the weather, make emergency calls from a local number, etc. They even come with multilingual city guides. Handys are not intended to replace your own cell phone but do serve as a convenient backup plan. And they are not much bigger than the average smartphone. All rooms are non-smoking. Pets are not allowed.

Dining Options at the Tobu Hotel Levant

There are three dining spaces at the Tobu Hotel Levant. Starting on the first floor, Crystal Movement is located in the center of the spacious main lobby. Here, you can order tea and other desserts between 10 AM and 6:30 in the evening. It’s an ideal place to lounge around, especially if you want to meet up with friends who are not staying at the hotel. 

Verdure is located on the second floor. They serve buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The offerings change daily and tend to be a mix of east and west. You can see chefs preparing a plethora of different dishes behind the 30-meter long counter. If cultural immersion is the main reason for your trip to Japan, then eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the hotel will not be high on your priority list. But if you’re one of those people who need breakfast before you do anything productive, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about starting your day at Verdure. Last seating is at 9:30 AM. 

Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, having dinner at REN (on the 24th floor) is an essential Tokyo experience, the kind that’s worth traveling for. The price-fixe menu can reach up to 17,820 yen per person, but you won’t likely forget the experience. That is if you get a table (or booth) with a Skytree view. There are tables for four as well as single seats, which face the tallest structure in all of Japan. The restaurant is dimly lit and oozes luxury. If you’re going to splurge, REN is the ideal dinner spot in the area, second only to Sky Restaurant 634, which is located at 634 meters up inside the Skytree itself. 

Sumida City, Tokyo

Sumida Ward is located between the Sumida and Arakawa Rivers. Famous area landmarks include the National Sumo Stadium, Eko-in Buddhist Temple, Asahi Brewery Headquarters, Yokoamicho Park, and the more recent Tokyo Skytree, which is currently the tallest structure in Japan. The Tobu and Edo-Tokyo museums are also located in Sumida, as is the Sumida Triphony Concert Hall. 

Getting to and from the Tobu Hotel Levant

Kinshicho station, which is served by three different JR East and Tokyo Metro lines, is located just two blocks east of the Tobu Hotel Levant. Unless it’s between midnight and 5 AM, train service to Kinshicho is frequent enough that you should not have to wait more than ten minutes for a train. If you’re staying in the area, there’s not much reason to rent a car. But if you do, on-site parking is available starting at 1,800 yen. If you’re coming from Hadena or Narita, the Airport Limousine stops at the hotel. The “limousine” is actually a direct bus. By taking the bus, you can avoid changing trains or paying excessive cab fares.

Tobu Hotel Levant

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