Things You Learn When You First Visit Australia

Most people who go to Australia do so with a specific agenda or itinerary. It’s a big, endlessly interesting country that offers a virtually limitless array of attractions and sights. So, whether you’re exploring Sydney, venturing through the wilder lands in the West, diving the Great Barrier Reef, etc., you probably have a plan. But Australia is such a unique place with such distinct culture that you’re likely to learn a few things you won’t quite expect just from planning out your trip.

Australia Is A Bigger Country Than You Think

Perhaps this seems a little bit obvious. But for most of us around the world, Australia is typically represented by one of a few cities or attractions. This is perfectly ordinary, and true of plenty of other large countries as well. For instance, can you name more than five cities or regions in China? Still, it is for this reason that some are ultimately surprised by the vastness of Australia. This is the world’s sixth largest country by geographical area, which means it can take the better part of a day to get from one place to another in some cases. It may sound like an inconvenience, but ultimately it’s more awe-inspiring than anything.

The Country Loves Its Sports

It’s generally safe to assume that countries are passionate about one sport or another, but Australia has a little bit of everything. Aussie Rules football and rugby can be bigger than football (as can cricket, on occasion, for that matter). Then there’s basketball, in which Australia has become very competitive on the world stage, and other sports like horse racing, tennis, and Formula 1 racing, all of which have major events throughout the country. Because of all of this, sports fans are everywhere, and the sports betting scene is thriving in Australia, through numerous sites that allow those fans to get closer to the action. This is not to say you have to become a fanatic if you visit, but the sports scene provides a lot of entertainment.

Beer & Coffee Are A Way Of Life

Beer and coffee are both major parts of day-to-day Australian culture, at least in a lot of the more populous areas. That’s not to say everyone guzzles coffee all day and beer all night, but it does mean you should expect to want to duck into some recommended coffee shops during the day and hang out at the bars now and then in the afternoon or evening. That may not be much different from traveling in any number of other places, but you can expect a high-quality threshold in Australia.

The Famous Beaches Aren’t Always The Best Ones

Australia is home to a lot of very famous beaches, and beyond that, it’s somewhat famous for its beach culture and watersports. However, as can often be the case, some of the more secluded beaches can ultimately be the best ones to relax and hang out at. That’s not to say there isn’t some value in going to a crowded spot like Sydney’s Bondi Beach. If you’re interested in the beauty of Australian coastlines and want some quiet time on the beach, head for some of the more remote places.

Aboriginal Culture Is Part Of Modern Australia

If you read or otherwise learn about Aboriginal culture in Australia, you might think of it as something from the past. However, modern Australia has done a nice job of incorporating this culture into its current fabric. In Sydney, you may even notice a specific push to recognize and celebrate the peoples of the past. You can take tours of the city that specifically focus on Aboriginal culture. They are quite informative and will give you a better sense of Australia’s history and cultural foundation.

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