Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia

From Rocky to Creed, here is a list of locations you can visit in Philadelphia. Most are easily accessible by SEPTA trains and buses, but you’ll need a car if you want to see everything in a single day. All pictures were shot with a Panasonic Lumix ZS100 4K Point and Shoot Camera.

Rocky's Apartment

The Rocky Statue

Mighty Mick's Boxing (Mickey's Gym)

J & M Pet Shop

Paulie & Adrian's Apartment


Gazzo's Street

Pat's King of Steaks

Front Street Gym

Max's Steaks

Paul & Frances Giordano

Rocky’s Apartment

The apartment that Rocky lived in until he married Adrian still standing on Tusculum Street. Although it’s not apparent in the film, it’s an end unit with a large vacant lot to the left. The lot is often empty, which makes driving in a convenient option. From that lot, you can see the small backyard, which is not featured in any of the films. The “1818” is fading as it has not been painted since at least 1975.

Nearest Subway Station: Somerset

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The “Take You Back” Corner (Kensington & Tusculum)

The singers that you see in the first two Rocky films were standing at the corner of Kensington (where the SETPA MFL line runs above ground) and Tusculum (where Rocky lived until he got married and moved to South Philly). The building was torn down after part II and the lot has been vacant since. One of those singers was Sly’s older brother, Frank, who is a singer-songwriter as well as an actor.

Gazzo’s Street

Some of the more memorable lines from the movie that started the franchise are uttered along East Gurney Street. Rocky asks his boss, “Yo, how do you spell Del Rio?” only to be interrupted by the driver who wants to know if he got the license plate of the truck that ran over his face. Although the area has changed visibly, the bridge that looms in the background as Gazzo reprimands Rocky for not breaking a debtor’s thumb is still there.

Nearest Subway Station: Huntington or Somerset

Pat’s King of Steaks

“You comin’ to the fight?” Rocky asks Gazzo while they are at Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philadelphia. The place is still going strong, indicated by the line going around the block at all hours. There’s a plaque on the sidewalk commemorating where they shot the scene back in 1975.

Nearest Subway Station: Ellsworth-Federal

J & M Pet Shop

The pet shop where Rocky tried out his humor on a shy Adrian was the real-life J & M Pet Shop. It was featured in four of the first six films in the franchise. The store went out of business in 2003 after forty years. The property was sold in 2011 and demolished in 2017. There’s still a sign marking the spot.

Nearest Subway Station: York-Dauphin

Paulie & Adrian’s House

Paulie and Adrian’s house is just a five-minute walk from where Rocky lived on the opposite side of the Market-Frankford elevated train line. After losing their large estate at the beginning of part five, the family moves back into the same location on Rosehill Street. The house underwent some serious exterior remodeling since it last appeared on film, making it nearly unrecognizable as opposed to Rocky’s place which looks the same as it did in 1975.

Nearest Subway Station: Somerset

The Italian Market

The famous Italian Market is featured in every Rocky film except for III and IV. In the first two movies, he runs through the market as part of his training to fight Apollo Creed. He shops there for his restaurant in Rocky Balboa and introduces Adonis to the area in Creed. There’s a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker at the corner of 9th (the heart of the market) and Christian.

Mighty Mick’s Boxing (Mickey’s Gym)

The building on the corner of Front and Susquehanna was featured in six of the first seven Rocky films. It was only omitted from Rocky IV when he was off fighting in the former USSR (filmed in British Columbia). The sign is not there and the building appears to be abandoned, like many in the area. The exterior is still recognizable. The bar where Tommy Gunn goes to pick a fight with Rocky is across the street.

Nearest Subway Station: York-Dauphin

The Schuylkill River Trail

The Schuylkill River Trail connects two important landmarks for Rocky fans: Laurel Hil Cemetery, which appears as Adrian and Paulie’s final resting place and the famous art museum which is featured in every Rocky movie except for the one where he was off in the USSR (or British Columbia) fighting a juiced up Russian (played be a real-life Swede). In part one, there’s a brief clip (less than ten seconds) of Rocky running along the trail. The stone arched bridge that you see in the background as he runs is still there. Keep going in the direction he’s going and you’ll end up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Nearest Subway Station: Allegheny (but the East Falls station along the Manayunk/Norristown SEPTA line is much closer)

Stelio’s Pizza (formerly Andy’s Bar)

This is where Rocky and Paulie are hanging out when they are interrupted by Tommy Gunn and his sleazy Don King-inspired manager. It starts with a verbal confrontation, which leads to Tommy striking Paulie and getting the fight he wants (sort of as he wants the fight in the ring, but Rocky insists that his ring is out in the street). When Rocky V was released in 1990, the building was occupied by Andy’s bar.

Adrian’s (The Victor Cafe)

When Rocky Balboa reappears as an elderly widower in 2006, he owns an Italian restaurant named after his deceased wife. In real life, it’s the Victor Cafe in South Philly, where you can have one of the most unique dining experiences in the city of brotherly love. The servers are also opera singers. The memorabilia is upstairs, including the painting from the end of Rocky III.

Nearest Subway Station: Tasker-Morris

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Laurel Hill Cemetery makes its first appearance as Adrian’s resting place in Rocky Balboa. Between Rocky Balboa and Creed, Paulie also dies and is laid to rest next to his sister. The tree where Rocky stored his chair was torn out in 2016, but you can find their headstones near the main office. To find the location used in the movie, look for General Pemberton.

Nearest Subway Station: Allegheny (but the East Falls station along the Manayunk/Norristown SEPTA line is much closer)

Max’s Steaks

This is where the first date that’s not a date takes places between Adonis and Bianca. He tries his first Philly cheesesteak and learns what a jawn is in this North Philadelphia landmark, that’s just three miles north of the apartment building they live in.

Nearest Subway Station: Erie

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Front Street Gym

Fights have been going on in this building since the decade before Rocky Balboa captured the imaginations of everyone who has been told, “You can’t.” Adonis Creed trains here as per Rocky’s suggestion. The motorcycle group you see in the movie is a real thing and you’re likely to see a least one or two if you hang around the neighborhood long enough.

Nearest Subway Station: Allegheny

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The famous 72 steps are featured in every Rocky film IV. By the end of Creed, he needs help from Adonis to make it to the top. Although he didn’t know it until part V, they lead up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The statue is just a short walk from the bottom of those steps. Just look for the long line of tourists waiting to get their picture taken next to the iconic statue.

Nearest Subway Station: Spring Garden

The Rocky Statue

The famous statue, which was unveiled before Rocky announced his intentions to retire in Rocky III, is located near the bottom of the 72 steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There’s usually a long line to get your picture taken with the statue. If you don’t need to be in the picture, you can sneak up to the front and quickly snap a picture without offending anyone too much.

Nearest Subway Station: Spring Garden

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